Plein-air practice.

It would seem there hasn’t been much art going on around here. Summer carries much of the blame, with all it’s home and garden and animal care, and until I re-queened my hives recently my bees were consuming my life. This time of year my weekends are so hectic I look forward to going in to work just so I can sit down. But I have been picking away at the art, doing some new pastel still-lifes which I’ll post when I finish a couple more, and also playing around with plein-air painting.

I took an amazing week-long workshop from this guy back in May and the most important thing I learned was the confidence to set up and practice anywhere, on any subject. His parting advice was to paint every day for the next two weeks, and while typically that would be impossible for me, I just so happened to be going on a 2 week road-trip to Vancouver right after that workshop, and I’d planned a little bit of painting time almost every day. As expected, when I returned I didn’t touch my oil paints until I managed to get out of town again, on a little weekend excursion to Cambria. So it seems that will be the way things go. Fits and starts and many road trips and I’ll just poke along at this plein-air business as slowly as I damn well please.

I’m still VERY new at this, and my work is pretty bad yet, but here’s a little snippet of my practice pieces from class and road trips. Almost all of them were done in just 2 hours, which means almost none of them are done. I like little bits and pieces here and there, but I have a long way to go.

 photo PleinAir_zps921918cf.jpg