En Plein Air.

As soon as winter dormancy is over, I spend all of my free time digging, planting, weeding, mulching, fertilizing, pruning, and getting all hot and sweaty and covered in dirt and I don’t come inside until the sun goes down. It’s heaven, but it’s not all that conducive to making art. The garden becomes my canvas, and aside from being creatively fulfilling it also drains me physically. By the time I get dinner on the table (way too late) and get out to my studio I’m beat. So my artistic progress is slower these days, but I’m also more focused having decided to do a whole series of glass. I took a brief diversion to draw some daffodils, but here’s what I’ve been working on for the last couple of months:

 photo Daffodils1_zps2918cf14.jpg

 photo 421c2c4f-cf34-4e17-9d31-e67130e27652_zps644c2ca5.jpg

 photo GlassTrio_zps3421e7a8.jpg

As for what I’ve been working in the garden, I know I have approximately 3 fans of my little video garden tours, so I made another one just for them. But anyone is free to take some dramamine and watch it:

More pastels of glass are in the works, as are more zucchinis and tomatoes and pumpkins and dirt and sunshine. I know we didn’t have a winter and we’re in the middle of a catastrophic drought, but I can’t help but love Spring, warm weather, and DST.

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