Pastel love.

In the few short years since I started this little venture into art, I’ve spent a lot of time with pastels, oils, acrylics, and a little bit of time with watercolors, and I still find all of the paint mediums to be ridiculously challenging. Sometimes the feeling that I’m just not getting it, coupled with my penchant for painting frivolous little vignettes of produce, and the fact that my family is full of amazingly talented painters who paint(ed) meaningful subjects makes me wonder if I should just give it all up and go back to the fiber arts from whence I came.

But then there’s pastels. My artistic medium soulmate, they’re like comfort food, or the feel of sunshine on your face after a week of rain, or your favorite pair of jeans that make your ass look great, or like going home again except that my hometown makes me feel like I’m suffocating. Ahem. Anyway, you get the point. Pastels are my cure for an artistic crisis of confidence, and for the entire month of January I put my paint away and indulged solely in pastels, drawing all my favorite subjects in much larger formats than the minis I’ve been doing lately.

 photo a097af96-f978-49a0-894e-3e44c45e3ba4_zpscf3255c4.jpg
7 x 9″

 photo LittleSurCreek_zps3332d423.jpg
14 x 20.5″

 photo BlueberryTartlet_zpsfc57c411.jpg
17 x 13″

 photo SouthNapa_zps0a335864.jpg
13 x 9.5″

 photo RedGlass1_zps0c8d637e.jpg
9.5 x 12.5″

Some work well, some are just so-so, and that one of the red glass in particular illustrates my current conundrum. That one has the potential to sell. I think if I focused exclusively on that subject matter in pastel, I could actually make a go at developing a body of related work, showing, and selling. But I would need to devote all of my limited free time to still life in pastel. No painting. No landscapes. No experiments.

It’s not like I hate drawing still life in pastel. In fact I love it. It feels more like “me” than any other subject or medium. So maybe it’s time to focus and take this little hobby to the next level.

I’ll get right on it. After my next painting class.

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