A trio of persimmons.

The best thing about December on the Hill is persimmon season. I barely wait until they’re ripe before I start putting them in almost everything I make, including on top of pizza (try this one folks: linguica, carmelized onion and fennel, goat cheese, and firm chopped fuyu persimmons), in stir fries, in salads, and of course in sweet baked goods and jams.

Aesthetically speaking, they’re my favorite fruit. I love having huge bowls of persimmons on my kitchen counter. They have the perfect combination of beautiful, smooth, red-orange flesh and striking, sensuously curled black and khaki leaves (actually part of the flower). They usually come off the tree with a little bit of their twig attached and sometimes a leaf or two. The concentric circles around the stem are a gorgeous grey, with shots of persimmon pink in them. They are truly perfectly designed. And they keep forever, so they suit my pokey painting methods just fine.

Here’s my trio of persimmons, pastel left, oil right, watercolor above.
 photo Persimmons_zps16a35194.jpg

Up next, maybe a dumpling squash trio eventually. It will keep forever and let me be as pokey as I want. For now, I’m taking a break from trios to explore some other subjects.

Previously, in the trio series: A trio of mandarins.

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