A trio of mandarins.

I recently attended the annual Internet Librarian conference in Monterey, and one of my friends from LA brought a passel of mandarin oranges and shared them with everyone at the table in a session about Big Data. I was reminded of how lucky we are to live in agricultural paradise when some of the people at the table ooooohed and aaaaahed about the idea of having a mandarin orange tree in one’s own backyard.

Knowing my mandarin wouldn’t last until I got home, since I still had 2 more back-to-back trips in my conferencepalooza, I photo’d my mandarin down at Fisherman’s Wharf and started drawing it when I returned to my studio a couple weeks later. I’m afraid I didn’t really do it justice, but here’s my trio of mandarins in monterey, oil left, watercolor above, pastel right:

 photo Mandarins_zps03eb66e1.jpg

Next up, and in progress: a trio of persimmons.

Previously, in the trio series: a trio of eggplants.

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