A trio of brussels sprouts.

After learning to draw in 2009 I took my first painting class in 2010. I tried to paint a pair of cabbages for one of my first assignments, and was completely stumped by the intricacies of all the veins. I had no idea how to simplify or render the form to make it look three-dimensional. The painting turned out really flat, and my teacher deemed it “a good underpainting.” At the time I was annoyed since I had no idea how to take it from an underpainting to a real painting, but looking back I realize he was being generous and encouraging. Here, take a gander:

 photo Cabbages_zps08f3b448.jpg

This little trio of brussels sprouts reminded me of my first cabbage-painting experience. I still had my share of frustrations with these, especially in watercolor. But there are moments of magic in each of them, and they are certainly a long way from where I was just 4 years ago. Pastel left, watercolor upper-right, oil lower-right. Which one is your favorite?

 photo Brussels-Sprouts_zps13ba6d03.jpg

Next up, a trio of apples!

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